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Gulfstream Energy and Powertune - Together growing business and community

11 June 2015

With a track record of over 50 years, Powertune is a retail forecourt situated in Booysens on the outskirts of Johannesburg. 

 A total of nine pumps together with workshop, car wash and shop facilities, this family-run business moves approximately 100,000 litres of fuel per month (diesel, 93, 95).

“The business has been in our family for as long as I can remember,” says Gavin Porteous, second generation owner.  In addition to supplying much needed services to the surrounding areas, Powertune is also a provider of employment for many.  With all Powertune staff appointed on a permanent basis, Powertune delivers a substantial contribution to the local community.

“However, approximately five years ago brought some significant changes,” continues Gavin.  Changes to policy within one of South Africa’s oil majors, saw Powertune’s then supplier no longer supplying fuel products to smaller retail service stations. This resulted in Powertune being left almost high and dry.  “We needed to find another supplier,” says Gavin, “but who and where?”

Although approached with the offer of fuel delivery by a potential supplier, Powertune weren’t comfortable.  It needed to find a supplier who could not only meet its individual requirements, but one who also instilled a sense of confidence.  “Procuring fuel is both costly and essential to our survival,” continues Gavin.  “It was critical to engage with the correct supplier.”

On the recommendation of its previous supplier, Powertune was introduced to Gulfstream Energy.

Today one of South Africa’s leading independent wholesalers, five years ago Gulfstream Energy was new to market having only recently received its independent wholesale license.  “But we had a good feeling,” says Gavin.  “In addition to Gulfstream’s management enjoying a long and established pedigree within South Africa’s fuel industry, its individual members also inspired trust.”  And so a deal was struck.  Gulfstream would deliver its first order to Powertune – in itself a big step for Powertune but also the very first customer for newly established Gulfstream Energy.

“And we have never looked back,” says Gavin.  From that day on, Gulfstream has enjoyed sole supplier status, responsible for the supply and delivery of all Powertune’s fuel requirements. Gulfstream’s innovative culture, coupled with its flexibility and commitment to engage with each customer as it needs and wants to be engaged with, has seen the relationship between Powertune and Gulfstream grow from strength to strength.

“Security of supply – on time, in full and at the best price possible is critical in this industry,” says Gavin.  But Gulfstream has proved that it goes the extra mile and beyond. In addition to these essential services, the value Powertune receives from Gulfstream has surpassed all expectations. “Over and above complete reliability, Gulfstream listens to our needs and our relationship is that of a true partnership,” continues Gavin. “Gulfstream is as committed to the growth of our business as they are to their own.” From advice on profit margins and other operational issues, Gulfstream generously shares its industry and business knowledge, working with and empowering its customers.

“We feel part of the Gulfstream family,” says Gavin.  “We never had that level of service from our previous supplier and have no doubt, that with Gulfstream at our side, our business will continue growing well into the future.”


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